Recomendo will be shutting down 31st of July 2019

Dear Customers, 

Following significant consideration, we have decided to close Recomendo, and have suspended the renewal of all active subscriptions.

Your subscription will be active until Wednesday, July 31st, which will be the last day we offer our service.

We’ve devoted all our time and energy into making the best AI plugin we think should exist for WordPress and WooCommerce. In the process, we believe we’ve pushed the boundaries on what technology should accomplish for users, and the experiences that AI is capable of powering. However low user traction and demand make it unsustainable to stay afloat any longer.

Thanks to everyone who has either been on or who has followed the Recomendo story over the last 2 years, from our customers to our amazing employees, friends, and family.

While the destination isn’t what we wished, the journey has been incredible.

Thank You!