recomendo shows personalized recommendations

Increase Sales with Personalised Recommendations

Recomendo provides personalised item recommendations that increases the engagement of your website visitors. With Recomendo, your users will be able to dive even more deeply into your site’s content or shop catalogue without needing to carry out search after search.

Recomendo converts your website visitors to clients by providing individualized suggestions that shows they are valued.

Recomendo showing personalized recommendations

Deliver Relevant Content

Recomendo delights your customers by allowing them to easily discover what they love.

Recomendo analyzes how your visitors browse your site to deliver relevant product or content suggestions that resonate with your users.

The data is gathered in real-time and processed in our cloud servers, so Recomendo can respond instantly to new user habits.

Recomendo showing personalized recommendations on mobile device

Add Artificial Intelligence to your WordPress Site

Recomendo is a WordPress plugin that uses Artificial Intelligence to bring personalised recommendations to your website in just a few clicks. Recomendo works with any WordPress site and is WooCommerce compatible.

Recomendo learns from the customer’s browsing behaviour to deliver real-time personalized suggestions when viewing your website.

Recomendo will never slow down your website, as eveything runs from our secure cloud.


Personalized Recommendations

Recomendo helps your visitors find the products they cannot resist, we do this by showing the right items to each individual customer based on their web behavior, profile and State-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms to significantly boost sales and average order value.

Recomendo brings personalized recommendations to WordPress
Recomendo displays similar items

Similar Item Recommendations

Recomendo can also display “people who liked this also like these” recommendations looking at products your visitors have been browsing and recommending similar products to the ones they have already shown an interest in.


Complementary Purchase Recommendations

Recomendo helps you increase average order value by displaying “items frequently bought together” in your WooCommerce cart. Recomendo makes buying multiple items at once easy by automatically recommending a product together with its accessories or products that are used for a similar purpose.

Recomendo increases average order value

Artificial IntelIigence that Gets Smarter

Recomendo continiously learns and is able to generate recommendations for new customers after just a few clicks browsing your site.


Lightning Fast Recommendations

Our cloud based service gives ultra-fast predictions and is constantly adapting to new users and items.


Secure Cloud-Based Service

Recomendo runs from our secure cloud based infrastructure. This means it will never slow down your site.

Customizable Design

The appearance can be easily customized via CSS to match the appearance of your site.


Sidebar Widget

Recomendo can show recomendations in a standard WordPress widget that you can place on sidebars.


Javascript Carousel

Recomendo can also display recommendations on an interactive Javascript carousel. You just need to include a short-code in your WordPress page.

Awesome Technical Support

Recomendo is very easy to install and customize. But in case you need help, our great support staff will be always there for you to help you solve any problems with our product.

Works with Any WordPress Site

Engaging your users has never been this easy. Recomendo works with any WordPress site and recommends the relevant content that engages each user.


WooCommerce Compatible

Recomendo automatically displays its recommendations in the WooCommerce Related Products area and in the Cart page without any additional work.