Using the Recomendo Widget

The Recomendo Widget displays recommendations on sidebars or any widget area of your theme. To start using the Recomendo Widget, go to your WordPress site’s admin panel and click on Appearance > Widgets and add  the Recomendo Widget to any sidebar or widget area of your theme:

using the Recomendo widget


Widget settings



Sets the title to be displayed above the Recomendo Widget in your sidebar.


Type of recommendations:

Recomendo comes with four different types of recommendations algorithms, which you can select in the drop-down menu:

  • Personalized:  Shows recommendations based on what similar users have done it the past.
  • Similar items: Shows similar items  (up-selling) and must be shown on single post pages to work. 
  • Complementary items: Shows items that are normally purchased together (cross-selling). Needs items in the WooCommerce cart to work
  • Trending items: Shows the most popular items from the aggregated user behavior


Number of recommendations:

Sets the number of items to display in the Recomendo widget

Template part:

Sets the template part file of your child or parent theme that takes care of displaying the recommendations.

In WooCommerce sites, this file is named: content-widget-product.php

In WordPress sites (without WooCommerce), the template part file depends on how the theme developer decided to call it.  Please check your theme template parts by inspecting the content of your parent theme. Normally there will be a subdirectory called template-parts.  Now it’s a matter of locating the template-part responsible for displaying the content you want on sidebars. Some themes call this file content-aside.php.

Please contact support to request help if you are having trouble finding the correct template-part of your theme. We also offer a custom theme integration service which you can request by contacting our sales team.

CSS class:

Sets the CSS class for the Widget HTML output, which can be used to further customize the appearance of the widget.

  • This setting only works only with WooCommerce.