Getting started with Recomendo

Are you ready to add some Artificial Intelligence to your WordPress site? Great! This document will help you get started.

What do I need in order to run Recomendo?

Here are the system requirements for Recomendo:

  • A web host that meets the WordPress host requirements.
  • The latest version of WordPress, or any version higher than 4.7. If your version of WordPress is out of date, you’ll see a prompt to automatically upgrade with a single click, or can upgrade manually if you really want to.
  • A Recomendo account. Sign up for one here.
  • A WordPress site.

You can also use Recomendo on a local or closed WordPress installation for testing.

How do I install Recomendo?

The easiest way to install Recomendo is from within WordPress itself. Log in to your site and head to your dashboard, click on the Plugins tab in the left panel, then click “Add New.” If you search for “Recomendo,” you’ll find the latest version and be able to install it by clicking the “Install Now” link.


Recomendo install in WordPress


If you have installed WP-CLI, you can also get Recomendo by running this command:

wp plugin install recomendo

If you are using a Multisite install, note that Recomendo must be connected individually for each site in the network.

Activating your Recomendo Subscription

Head over to Recomendo in your site’s Dashboard and enter your Recomendo account Client ID and Client Secret you received via e-mail after purchasing a subscription.

Configuring Recomendo

Once Recomendo has been activated, you will need to select the Post Type you want to recommend.

Recomendo select post type configuration

Recommendation Options

The recommendation options let you configure how recommendations are shown on your site:

  • Exclude Items Older Than:  Lets you exclude older content from being shown in the Recomendo.
  • Relevance of Similar Items Having Same Categories: Lets you adjust the relevance of items with the same categories in Similar Items Recommendations.
  • Relevance of Similar Items Having Same Tags: Lets you adjust the relevance of items with the same tags in Similar Items Recommendations.

recomendo options screen

If you have WooCommerce installed in your site and you have selected Product as the “Post Type to Recommend”, specific WooCommerce features will appear. You can enable recommendations in the Related Products area of product pages and in the Cart page to automatically personalize your WooCommerce shop.

Recomendo WooCommerce Options

You can also exclude out-of-stock products from recommendations and adjust the relevance for On-Sale and Featured products. The default relevance is Neutral.


Showing Recommendations

To show Recomendo in sidebars, head over to your site’s dashboard and click on Appearance > Widgets. Select the Recomendo widget, and put it in the sidebar where you want to show the recommendations. WooCommerce sites will directly get by default the correct theme template file to show recommendations with exactly the same look and feel of your store.

WordPress sites that do not have WooCommerce installed can also use Recomendo to show personalized content by using the Recomendo widget in Sidebars, or by using the shortcode [recomendo] anywhere on the site. You will need to configure the correct template file of your theme that takes care of displaying the content.  For more info please read “Using the Recomendo shortcode”…

Our excellent support team can help you and can take care of installing and integrating Recomendo to your specific needs.

I need more help! What should I do?

If you’re having trouble with Recomendo, there are a few steps you can take on your own to try and diagnose the problem.