Frequently Asked Questions

Is Recomendo Free?

Recomendo offers a free one month trial with all its subscriptions. Sites can cancel their trial anytime before it ends. Once the free trial period expires, the monthly subscription price plus taxes (if applicable) will be charged every month to the payment method provided during registration.

Why does Recomendo charge?

Recomendo is a premium service that uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology and high-performance computing servers to deliver the best recommendations. Every time Recomendo makes a recommendation, there are computing costs to cover. We also store the data for you. We record how your users interact with your site so that our algorithms can learn about your user’s preferences, which can be a lot of data a.k.a Big Data.

Unlike other related posts plugins, we don’t sell any of your information or show ads. Being supported by our clients means we can continue to build the most powerful content recommendation service for WordPress.

Does Recomendo comply with GDPR regulations?

Absolutely YES! Recomendo has been designed from the ground up to protect the privacy of its users by following strict privacy guidelines.  Recomendo will never share your data and the sole purpose of the data we collect is to improve the experience of your users by showing them personalized recommendations according to their preferences and tastes (which are learned from their interactions with your site).

We have built some GDPR specific features:

  • Users right to have their activity on your site not being tracked. Continue reading “How do I exclude a user from Recomendo?” to lean more
  • Users right to have all their user activity data on your site exported in a machine readable format.
  • Users right to be forgotten.

The Data Explorer panel in Recomendo plays a fundamental role in complying with GDPR regulations as it allows you to both export a users data, as well as deleting all of their activity if they request to be forgotten from your site.

What are the differences between Recomendo subscriptions?

The differences between Recomendo subscriptions are:

  • The monthly API request limit.
  • The level of support.
  • Concierge installation service.
  • Tailored widgets.
  • Tailored theme integration.

What happens if I exceed my API request limit?

If you go over your monthly API request limit your subscription needs be upgraded to continue showing recommendations. You will be contacted by our sales team to upgrade your account once it reaches 80% of usage so that you can upgrade with time.

Will Recomendo slow down my site?

Absolutely not! Recomendo works outside of WordPress in our secure cloud servers, so it will never slow down your database. Many other related posts plugins use your database and can crash your site when you get substantial traffic.

Can I modify the appearance of recommendations?

Of course you can! Recomendo can be completely customized using standard WordPress template parts  to match the look and feel of your site.

Installation instructions

  1. Install using the WordPress Gallery for the simplest installation or alternatively upload the recomendo plugin folder to your:
    /wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin. In WordPress go to Settings -> Recomendo . In the Configuration tab enter the client ID and secret code you received by email.
  3. Select the Post Type you want to recommend.
  4. Create some user behaviour. Just browse your site visiting any of the custom_post pages you want to recommend.
  5. In WordPress go to Appearance -> Widgets. Drag the Recomendo widget to the Sidebar where you want to show recommendations.
  6. You can also display recommendations by including the [recomendo] shortcode in any page.

I just installed Recomendo, how long does it take to get good recommendations?

Recomendo learns from your users’ interactions with your website and it needs to collect some user activity to make recommendations. Recommendations will quickly improve as more data is collected.

I'm on a staging site and I don't have user activity, how can I show recommendations?

If you are developing on a staging site, and don’t have user activity,  you can simply create some fake user activity yourself by visiting the content type you want to recommend. If you have WooCommerce, then you have to also create some purchases. Include a few items in each transaction.

For best results, simulate a few users using different browsers. Try to have at least 4 events per user. For example, if you viewed one page, added the item to the cart and finished the transaction, you would have created 3 events for that user.

How do I exclude an item from recommendations?

To exclude an item from Recomendo, you need to edit the post (or page, product or custom post type) and click on Exclude from Recomendo. 

exclude post from recomendo

How do I exclude a user from being tracked by Recomendo?

To exclude a registered user from having their activity on your site tracked by Recomendo, go to your WordPress site admin dashboard and click on Users->all users, and edit the user you wish to exclude from Recomendo.  In the user profile, look for the section Recomendo GDPR and check the option “Do not record user activity”.

exclude user from Recomendo

Unregistered users are tracked via cookies, which they can clear from their browser.