Is Recomendo free?

Recomendo offers a free one month trial with all its subscriptions. Sites can cancel their trial anytime before it ends. Once the free trial period expires, the monthly subscription price plus taxes (if applicable) will be charged every month to the payment method provided during registration.

Why does Recomendo charge?

Recomendo is a premium service that uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology and high performance computing servers to deliver the best recommendations.

Unlike other related posts plugins, we don’t sell any of your information or show ads. Being supported by our clients means we can continue to build the most powerful content recommendation service for WordPress.

What's the difference between Recomendo subscriptions?

The only difference between Recomendo subscriptions is the monthly page view limit. Every time Recomendo makes a recommendation, there are computing costs to cover, that’s why we decided to differentiate our subscriptions this way offering sites that have less traffic a lower price.

What happens if I go over the monthly page view limit?

If you go over your monthly page view limit your subscription needs be upgraded to continue showing recommendations. You will be contacted by our sales team to upgrade your account.

Will Recomendo slow down my site?

Absolutely not! Recomendo works outside of WordPress on our secure cloud servers, so it will never slow down your database. Many other related posts plugins use your database and can crash your site when you get substantial traffic.

Can I modify the way recommendations are shown on my website?

Of course you can! Recomendo can be completely customized via CSS to match the look and feel of your site.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install using the WordPress Gallery for the simplest installation or alternatively upload the recomendo plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin. In WordPress go to Settings -> Recomendo . In the Configuration tab enter the purchase code you received by email.
  3. Select the post_type you want to recommend.
  4. Go to the Copy data to Recomendo tab and click on the Copy WordPress data to event server button. This will copy all the items you want to recommend to the Recomendo servers.
  5. Create some user behaviour. Just browse your site visiting any of the custom_post pages you want to recommend.
  6. In the Recomendo settings, go to the Train Recomendo tab and click on the Train Recomendo button.
  7. In WordPress go to Appearance -> Widgets. Drag the Recomendo widget to the Sidebar where you want to show recommendations.
  8. You can also display recommendations by including the [recomendo] or [recomendo-carousel] shortcodes in any page.

I just installed Recomendo, how long does it take to get good recommendations?

Recomendo learns from the behaviour of your website users so it needs to collect some user behaviour to make recommendations. Recommendations will quickly improve as more data is collected.

Download Documentation

We are currently working on the manual, it will be here shortly