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Artificial Intelligence

Make your customers feel special and improve their shopping experience adding personalization to your store.

Personalized Recommendations Engine

30+ behavioral touchpoints are taken into account in order to WOW your customers with relevant and attractive product suggestions on every step of the customer journey.

Contextual – browsing session, items viewed, items in cart, device used, browsing location.

Historical – purchase history, purchase habits, interests.

This recommendation algorithm works great for improving your store’s sales conversion rates.

Recomendo shows products frequently bought together on your cart pagess

Complementary Purchases Engine

Recommend products frequently bought together that might be a good addition to what a user has the intention of buying, like an amplifier for an electric guitar, or a protective case for a new phone.

Simple integration on WooCommerce Cart and Checkout pages.

Great for improving average order value and the overall volume of your sales.

Recomendo shows products frequently bought together on your cart pagess
recomendo show related products and posts in your wordpress pages

Related Items Recommendations Engine

Using Natural Language Processing and Collaborative Filtering to understand how products from your catalog are related, the Related Items Recommendations Engine showcases items that are similar, like other brands of laptops, or more shoes matching the ones they are looking at.

Integratable on the related product areas of product pages, single pages, and posts by using shortcodes and widgets.

This recommendation algorithm works great for improving the overall performance of your sales and bottom-line because it helps visitors discover more products from your catalog and those that are a better fit for their preferences. In practice, this increases the likelihood of a successful purchase.

Trending Recommendations Engine

This algorithm serves as a fallback for the other algorithms when there isn’t enough data available for your first-time visitors. It works by rapidly transforming user interactions into trending product recommendations that visitors love.

This algorithm works great for all stores and can have an enormous impact on your bottom line.


Use in widget space or with shortcodes

Home Page

Welcome your clients by showing them Personalized Recommendations and Trending Items on your most valuable page.

Category page recommendationsCategory page recommendations

Category Pages

Increase your customer’s engagement by highlighting the products they are most likely to buy on category pages.

full page recommendations

Full-Page Recommendations

Display Personalized Recommendations and Trending Products on full-pages and improve your customer’s interaction with your catalog.

product page recommendations

Product Pages

Improve your customer’s experience by showing intelligent Similar Items on Product pages while increasing your chances of making a sale.

cart page recommendations

Cart and Checkout Pages

Boost your sales by up-selling Similar Items and cross-selling Complimentary Items that are frequently bought together on your Cart and Checkout Pages.

error, blog page recommendations

Blog, Search and Error Pages

Don’t miss any chance to lure back your customers to your shop by displaying products they like on any page of your site.