Recomendo Privacy and Data Protection Notice

Updated May 25, 2018

This document provides information about the information collected by Recomendo, how it is used, and what we do to protect it.


Recomendo is a web service that can be plugged in into a WordPress website (referred to herein as “the website”) with the purpose of displaying automated content recommendations into the website’s pages.

Recomendo is a property of ALGORITMICA INTELIGENTE, S.L., Urb. Altavista. Blq 1 Apt. 2B, 29602 Marbella, Málaga, Spain, registered with the Tax Authority of Spain under the number B93618627.

Collected Information

Recomendo’s main purpose is to improve the experience for the website’s users by showing them personalized content recommendations while they visit the website. To deliver this service, Recomendo uses personal data of the shop’s users.

When installing Recomendo, in order to enable Recomendo’s features, a website supplies Recomendo with some of all the following information, as needed:

  • The website users’ ID and historical order data
  • The website visitors’ IP addresses, screen resolution, browser type, device type, and other details available regarding the device used to visit the shop
  • The IDs of pages viewed by the website’s visitors while browsing the website
  • The IDs of products added to an online shopping cart while browsing the website
  • The IDs of products purchased by the website’s visitors while browsing the website

IP Addresses

Recomendo tracks and stores the shop visitors’ IP addresses. An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer, server) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address can be associated with a single individual’s system or with a group of systems, one system shared by many users or a gateway into a group of systems or devices.

The tracked IP addresses are used for reporting purposes in the Recomendo dashboard and for geo-targeting purposes when this feature is utilized to deliver personalized product recommendations.

Cookies and Local Storage

To keep track of the shop users’ actions, Recomendo uses two browser features named “cookies” and “local storage”. Cookies are text files sent by a website to a visitor’s browser software to store persistent information in the form of key/value pairs. Each time the visitor loads a page or makes an HTTP request to the website, the cookies are transferred from the web server to the visitor’s web browser. Cookies are necessary for normal functioning of most websites, for analytics purposes and to enable features such as shopping cart, checkout, and personalization.

There are two kinds of cookies, first-party cookies, and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are saved by the website itself to track its own users. Third-party cookies are saved by third-party analytics and tracking software for tracking users’ actions across multiple websites. Recomendo only uses first-party cookies.

Local storage is a feature of modern web browsers that allows web sites to store persistent session within the web browser, similar to cookies. The advantage of local storage over cookies is improved speed and security due to the fact that local storage information is stored strictly on the client browser and is not passed to the web server on each request, as cookies are.

When both cookies and local storage are supported by the visitor’s browser, Recomendo will use local storage for user tracking. When local storage is not available, cookies are used instead.

User Personal Data

When installing Recomendo’s personalization service, Recomendo needs to access the shop’s subscriber database. When this happens, the users’ id and product recommendations for each of them are processed by automatic algorithms. Occasionally, manual data analysis by Recomendo’s technical team may be required in order to verify Recomendo’s functioning for the website.

Use of Data

Any data submitted to Recomendo or collected automatically by Recomendo is used strictly for delivering Recomendo’s service for the website, and will not be sold, leased or shared with or to anyone else, except for third party providers whose services Recomendo uses in order to deliver its own service, and to comply with judicial or governmental subpoenas, warrants or orders.

Recomendo may share aggregated demographic and statistical information with third parties, such as online retail or industry reports and trends, when such information does not reveal the information of any of Recomendo’s clients and their respective customers.

Access to Collected Data

Recomendo provides partial access to the collected data through a web application named the Recomendo dashboard, which can be accessed through a username and password by the website’s designated employees and Recomendo’s designated employees.

Data Storage Protection

To ensure the shop’s data is protected as well as possible, we took the following security measures.

  • All the data is stored in web and data servers in the European Union.
  • All data is processed by automatic algorithms, without human intervention, except when specific data optimization and analysis are necessary and agreed contractually.
  • When possible, data is stored in encrypted form in separate storage units for each shop, to reduce the risks of unintended data exposure.
  • All Recomendo employees, partners, and collaborators are required to sign non-disclosure agreements regarding the protection of the collected data.

Contact Us

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