Personalization: How AI helps retailers sell more improving the online shopping experience

Recomendo for WordPress increases sales with AI personalization technology

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just days away, and being one of the most important days in sales revenue during the whole year, we wanted to share some tips so you can get the most out of your WooCommerce online store this holiday season.

Could there be any other better reason to share our very first blog post?

A lot of effort is put on Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns to attract a lot of leads and extra traffic, but with so many different offers to choose from, shoppers are overloaded most of the time with too many options.

That’s where Personalization comes in. At Recomendo, we help WordPress sites and WooCommerce shops of any size provide their visitors and customers with personalized experiences driven by state-of-the-art AI technology, similar to what giants like Amazon or Netflix do to show their customers the content or products they like. Here is why…

Overchoice: When too many options is a problem

Psychologists have long studied how our cognitive system responds during decision making when faced with evaluating a myriad of different options. Making a decision becomes overwhelming due to the many potential outcomes and risks that may result from making the wrong choice.

Having too many approximately equally good options is mentally draining because each option must be weighed against alternatives to select the best one.

What does this mean?

Essentially, having no choice results in very low satisfaction. Not something any ecommerce site wants for their customers! Enhancing customer engagement through choice needs to be considered in numerous ways. Initially more choices lead to more satisfaction, but as the number of choices increases it then peaks and people tend to feel a myriad of challenges. Such as more pressure, confusion, and potentially dissatisfaction with their choice.

Initially larger choice sets can be appealing, but smaller choice sets can lead to increased satisfaction and reduced regret. Another component of overchoice is the perception of time. Extensive choice sets can seem even more difficult within a limited time constraint.

How Personalization solves Overchoice

Consumers time and money is limited, and with so many different Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, if your visitors don’t find the products that are relevant to them right away, they will leave and spend their money elsewhere. Likely where they find that the shopping experience is better. It’s really simple, the easier you make your visitors find what they like, the more money they will spend, increasing your store’s profits. Examples of personalized recommendations can be seen on big sites like Amazon, eBay, Netflix, Spotify or YouTube.

It is really important to display personalized recommendations. A webstore that personalizes product recommendations using AI can significantly increase both conversions and average order value increasing your sales revenue.

Recomeno shown on a mobile device

Democratizing AI: How Recomendo makes Personalization really easy for you

Personalization engines powered by AI used to be limited to the biggest companies and sites. Giants like Amazon, Netflix or Spotify owe much of their success to their recommendation algorithms. Now, Recomendo helps anyone achieve the same results across hundreds or even thousands of customers without you having to lift a finger, just install our plugin, and you are good to go… as it seamlessly integrates into your site like it always belonged there. Recomendo works with any WordPress site and directly integrates with WooCommerce.

Recomendo’s AI engine learns from the interactions of your visitors with your site’s content or products. The more traffic and transactions it can analyze the more accurate it will be in recognizing each individual shopper’s tastes and preferences and predicting what is most likely to be purchased.

Here are some of the advantages we can give to your store:

  • Upselling, Cross-Selling and promoting trending items: Once our AI has learned enough from your customers, it can assist with sales. For example it can go to work promoting specific Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to the right customers by up-selling as they purchase other items, cross-selling by recommending items typically purchased together or showing them trending items as they browse your site.
  • Reaching all your customers on time! Recomendo’s fast and secure cloud service brings you a seamless experience that will never negatively impact the speed of your servers and your end-user’s experience even on high-traffic events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

recomendo black friday and cyber monday dealsYour Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday Ever!!

Your online store experience is one huge piece of the puzzle. Don’t miss this opportunity to start embracing Artificial Intelligence. It’s not a futurist dream or an advantage exclusive to corporate giants. It’s here and it’s within your reach courtesy of vendors like Recomendo, which makes AI powered technology available to everyone.

Try Recomendo for Yourself!

If you are ready to see what difference Recomendo can make by personalizing the shopping experience of each customer (and your bottom line) there’s no better chance than right now!  You can try Recomendo for 14 days free, and if you get your subscription before the end of November we will be giving a 20% Black Friday discount to all monthly plans.