Just how much more are people shopping online today?

Just how much more are people shopping online today in comparison to 10 years ago?E-commerce has transformed how we can access the stuff we love, it removes geographical boundaries. We can make very different consumer choices than we could in 2007, simply because we can access more stuff! Eurostat figures suggest that there has been an 18% increase.

How did you shop in 2007?

In addition to the selection of stuff to purchase, there are very personal reasons why many of us choose to use electronic commerce over in-store purchases. Many families prefer to stock their kitchen with produce that they have selected and purchased online. Delivered to their door, these families cherish the time they save each week through the convenience of e-commerce platforms such as Ocado. If families are saving time from filling their baskets themselves. Not to mention the time traveling to make in-store purchases. Have you ever considered who fills your basket after you shop online?

Is it teams of supermarket staff roaming the stores completing the orders? Perhaps in 2007, today a company such as Ocado have robot trolleys that ‘roam the warehouse on a grid above millions of grocery items, and can assemble a typical 50-item shopping basket order in five minutes.’  Certainly not a team of grocery store staff. Instead, it echoes something drawn from early sci-fi!

Instead of an idealized team of homemaker robots in flowery dresses shopping for meals to please their husbands. The 2018 robot trolleys roam amongst the items we have carefully selected, or have we?

Just how much of our choices are influenced by the platforms we choose to shop through. By this, we mean the e-commerce experience, which can be personalized through technology to satisfy customers more…