Personalize the Web

Bringing State-of-the-Art Personalization Technology to WordPress and WooCommerce

Our Mission

Our mission is to personalize the online experience helping people find the content and products they like. We strive to make the web a better place through a user-friendly approach focused on enhancing the customer experience.

Our innovations in AI bring affordable solutions within WooCommerce and WordPress, making websites smarter and democratizing Artificial Intelligence to a global audience of people

Our Story

Recomendo was founded in 2018 by José M. Berutich who holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, specializing in Machine Learning. Jose works with the International Recomendo team who share his passion for creative innovation and AI. Recomendo’s machine learning algorithms let you offer the products your customers love and are most likely to buy. Recomendo also assists smaller retailers to access the tools they need in today’s competitive marketplace. Empowering retailers at the right time, to the right people from anywhere in the world.

Recomendo caters to e-commerce but it can also be used on any other WordPress sites too for organizations dealing with content rather than products. What we do has been priced low, making it possible for smaller retailers and websites to compete against the Giants. In addition to making it affordable for startups which means we don’t need to offer discounts as our regular price plan empowers people to access the tools they need. Tools that support businesses to do what they are doing, just better.

Why Recomendo?

We value privacy and have designed our products to be trustworthy with data, protecting privacy and confidentiality.

Our operating values are integrity, respect, and passion. We are dedicated to empowering our employees to be at their creative and innovative best. Our work culture nurtures people’s ideas, after all, they are experts in their fields.

As a global company, our team which includes remote workers continuously updates their education and skills through how we invest in them. Together we work to create the best experience for our customers.

We value the opportunity to be working with the latest technologies, at the cutting edge of AI and to be contributing to open source.