A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Recomendo Plan for your WordPress Site

Recomendo offers four paid plans that help you improve your WordPress site’s user experience and marketing performance. Our plans are designed for every type of user or business, whether you’re running your own site or working with a team of developers.

Here are a few things you should consider when choosing your Recomendo plan, and how you can pick the right option for your specific needs.

How much traffic is your site generating?

One of the main differences between the different Recomendo plans is the monthly API request limit. Every time you show a recommendation on your site counts as an API request. For example, if on one page you are showing 1 recommendation widget, then every time that page is visited, it will generate one API request in order to get the recommendations from the Recomendo servers.  If on another page you are showing 2 recommendations widgets, then that page would be generating two API requests.

To estimate which plan suits you better, you need to calculate how many Recomendo widgets or Recomendo shortcodes you are showing per page, and what is the traffic that each page receives.

For example, a site that only shows one Recomendo widget in five different pages and the total number of views each page receives is less than 20,000, then the total number of API requests would be below the monthly limit of 100,000 API requests (20,000 x 5 = 100,000)  and would be best served by our entry-level plan, Recomendo Professional.

However, if you have a very active site, or you are showing a few different Recommendations widgets or shortcodes in the same page, like similar items, and personalized items on product pages,  you should consider a bigger plan to cope with your increased traffic demands.

A few more things to think about…

Premium and Enterprise customers also benefit from some other great features:

  • Tailored theme integration by our awesome engineers to further integrate Recomendo into your theme.
  • Tailored widgets to meet your demands.
  • Concierge install service.
  • Premium support.

Ready to get started?

Recomendo offers a 14 days free trial with all its plans, so you can see it for yourself and experience how awesome your site becomes with Artificial Intelligence recommendations.

If for any reason, you decide to cancel your Recomendo plan during the initial monthly trial period, no charges will be generated. Unfortunately, we can not offer refunds for any of our plans after the initial trial has finished and your subscription has been charged.

If you have more questions about Recomendo, please reach out to our Sales Team for assistance.

What is Recomendo?

Recomendo improves your site by providing personalized user recommendations powered by Artificial Intelligence

Installing Recomendo

The easiest way to install Recomendo is from the plugins dashboard of your WordPress site

If you need help you can follow our step-by-step instructions to get going or install manually by downloading the ZIP file directly.

Finally, if you happen to have WP-CLI installed on your host, you can install Recomendo with this command:

wp plugin install recomendo